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Welcome to the website of the nonprofit Association Eco Humanity Innovation.

Our daily task is to maintain and promote good relations and exchanges between related matters Culture , Ecology and Technology fundamentally affecting a living being anywhere within a national and international level in the context of interactivity, culture and communication .

We perform these functions with a team spirit, together with our partners and collaborators , in a joint effort to create connections and take the initiative in seeking opportunities for collaboration. A varied dialogue helps us do our best work , and is therefore vital for us. We will welcome any comments or suggestions thanks they may have.

Association functions

The Association Eco Humanity Innovation has opened the doors to operate in Spain and internationally. Supporting all types of initiatives under the talent and innovation.

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Conferencia teatralizada "Cervantes y sus Mujeres"*

Nuestra Asociación presenta una Conferencia teatralizada en la Casa de Castilla La Mancha, titulada "Cervantes y sus Mujeres", la cual fue impartida por Angeles F. Abril en colaboración con Elena Ventura, Fernando Lago y la Fundacion Corral de Comedias de Almagro.

Madrid Pride 2016

Madrid celebrates these days the holidays Pride 2016 festival each year is gaining wider dissemination and recognition. In fact, we have just learned that Madrid HELD NEXT YEAR THE WORLD PRIDE 2017


The Music of Cervantes

UCLM opens the registration for the conference: 'The music of Cervantes: the historical heritage to his musical reception (s XVI-XXI.)'

  • We will go to this interesante event that had brought near us to the knowledge cultural-tourist of that wonderfull site that is Cuenca.

  • Our association is introduced into the Cervantina week around April 23

  • Our partner Hector Aguilera sends us this report on the "Caldo de Piedra", a gastronomic dish of prehispanic Mexico.

  • We reproduce this lucid article by Fernando Luengo, professor of Economics at UCM, on the refugee crisis, this terrible tragedy that is undermining the very values of the European Union.

  • What weighs more, reason or heart, into a disaster like a wreck? In this psicotaller attended by our partner Carlos Postigo, we attempted to answer this question by analyzing what happened in two famous shipwrecks, the Titanic and the Lusitania.

  • We attended meeting "forgotten crises"

  • We assist LIKE guests to HIPNOPOMPIC- "Kustaa Saksi" exhibition organized by the American Institute of Finland in Madrid.


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