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Get to see our calendar of events directly to the calendar of your mobile Android

Do you want the events to be organized by our Association to appear on your Android phone so you always have the information without much effort ? And in your Google calendar ? Or maybe even in your Outlook calendar ?
In this video tutorial just 45 sg . we show you how to sync your calendar with Google Calendar ...

When you see the video , you will notice that in any given SE copied and pasted a URL that the video is not complete due to its size ... well , you just have to copy and paste when the video is Add by URL about is this (ALL THIS IN ONE LINE, ie you have to copy it all together and not as it appears here on multiple lines for space issues):

Once you have followed the tutorial to the end with your Google Calendar (NOTE : . . 'll Need previously have an account on Google Calendar , which you have if for example you have an account on gmail , and it's EXACTLY THE SAME : same user and same password , and you have entered via web in your Google Calendar) . You must perform some additional settings on your mobile Android. Since there are multiple versions of Android, we have included a link to the official Google documentation that says how in each version (this is the part that says .. sync and display calendars) . It's easy , and it is just touching a particular setting in the configuration of the Google Calendar application for Android, so show to the new calendar Humanity Eco Innovation - EHI

Finally and for those who prefer more the Microsoft products, we have included a link to another video tutorial just 2 minutes ( in this case produced by others) , showing how to sync Google calendar with Outlook on your PC. Suffice to do exactly the same between your Google Calendar and your Outlook.

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